Photo (from left): Eco Speed Box, 5 KCM620 Units
Degree of Vacuum
0 to 100 kPa or higher
Motor Output
11 to 275 kW
Flow Rate
0 to 15,400 m3/h
  • First in the Industry to Adopt a Modular Design.
  • This Module-Multi Model® inverter and multi-unit control combination offers not only energy saving performance, but also a high degree of vacuum and high flow rate.

[eco speed® control]
Energy saving mechanism that works by automatically adapts
motor speed to changes in air consumption.



Full range

Thanks to our 2-stage claw rotor and supplementary exhaust mechanism*, the ORION Oil-Free Vacuum Pump can achieve all-time high operating efficiency as well as full-range operation from 0 to 100 kPa.

Continuous operation

Thanks to the 2-stages (2-stage compression), we can achieve continuous operation at the attainable pressure of 100 kPa, despite being oil-free.

Compact, space saving design.

The compact modular design that doesn't require side maintenance space, making installation easy, anywhere.

▲Setup possible with walls on both sides of the product.

Built to offer energy-saving wide ranging vacuum.

Electrical power consumption optimized over the full range of degree of vacuum (from open atmosphere to attainable vacuum).

Constructed to prevent overcompression of exhaust air.

At high degrees of vacuum, a back-flow of air is formed in the exhaust process, and this returning air results in a loss of energy. The KCM series sports a new design that reduces energy losses by reducing the volume just before opening the exhaust port. On the other hand, when open, the volume of air increases, there is an over-increase in pressure, and power consumption will rise. "Supplementary Exhaust Ports" are established and the power consumption drops.
Energy saving pump construction

System Image

The KCM620 requires an ESB (Eco Speed Box / Multi-Unit Control and Inverter Control Board) for operation. The ESB can control up to 5 units. Expansion of up to 25 units is possible using the group controller (Eco Multi Box). (Special Order)

Intelligent Touch Panel for Easy Operation

Various operating conditions and settings can be confirmed and operated, and operating conditions can be confirmed via the visual and intuitive touch panel.

❶ Display Measured Degree of Vacuum
Digital display of degree of vacuum (in 1 kPa units)
❷ Display Set Degree of Vacuum
Digital for easy vacuum settings (in 1 kPa units)
❸ Display Operating Mode
❹ Display Operating Load
❺ Display Operating Conditions
❻ Display Alarm Number
❼ Display Pump Start/Stop Time


This is the designed flow rate based on the cylinder volume of the pump. Confirm the actual flow rate based on the pressure-flow diagram.
Operating noise measured at an operating vacuum of 80kPa with 200V/60Hz power supply, and is not a guaranteed value.
If the pump is started where the ambient temperature is around 0 °C, a high frequency noise may be heard. The noise wil naturally go away in a short time and does not indicate abnormal operation. If a high pitch noise continues for more than 30 minutes, consult with your dealer or a qualified repair person.
Please consult with ORION if the product is to be operated at an elevation above 1000 m.
The power supply voltage must not have intermittent fluctuations greater than 10%, or 5% if fluctuations are continued.

Please cousult your dealer regarding water-cooled specifications.

External dimensions(units:mm)

Intake Filter VF500 to VF3000 Spec. External Diagram

This filter Prevents particulate from entering the vacuum pump.
The ORION KCM620 oil free vacuum pump does not include an intake filter. Please choose the filter that best suits your working environmen.

VF Series Intake Filter

Power Graph

Typical value for standard built-in motor and not a guaranteed value.

Documentation is available for download.

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