ORION Chillers are the answer for cooling water troubles!

Common Troubles in Cooling of Welding Machines

Troubles in different cooling methods

Summertime Condensation
Summertime Condensation

Groundwater is often too cold.
Temperature differences cause condensation, which can damage welding equipment.

Summertime Cooling Deficiency
Summertime Cooling Deficiency

Radiator cooling is easily affected by ambient temperature and can result in extreme temperatures during hot summer months.
It will affect the weld quality and reduce the lifespan of the electrode and welding tip.

Wasteful Water Costs
Wasteful Water Costs

The use of tap water for cooling wastes water.
Running costs are high and it is not environmentally friendly.

Dirty Electrode Reduces Welding Performance
Dirty Electrode Reduces Welding Performance

Contamination of cooling tower water often causes issue with the cooling water.
Reduced water quality can damage the inside of the electrode, and will inadvertently cause the welding performance to drop.

How ORION Water Chillers Support Welding

Installing a Chiller Reduces Running Costs!

Stability of the cooling water will have a direct impact on the quality and stability of production and factory utilization.
Proper water chiller setup for cooling will resolve many problems and lower the running costs.

Features of ORION Water Chiller

Can Withstand Summer Temp. Up to 45 ℃.

High Ambient Temp Compatibility
A cooling capacity that won't bend to harsh environments.

Compact and Robust Body

The chillers are durable and reliable. They are designed to withstand environmental concerns.

High Head Pump Standard

Standard built-in high-head water pump (30 m or better) enables reliable water circulation even for cutting torches.

High Capacity Water Tank

Thanks to built-in high capacity water tank, water supply temperatures are stable, and there is no need to worry about losing water even when replacing electrodes.

Cooling Water Supply for Spot Welding Machine

Spot Welding Machine

1. By using a water chiller, water temperature can be stabilized and cooling can be achieved without condensation inside the welding machine.
2. Setting up a water chiller will eliminate the use of tap water and reduce running costs.
3. Unlike a cooling tower, water-chiller-based cooling is a closed circuit, and reduces water quality degradation.

Chiller Use Contributes to Improved Weld Quality.
Deteriorated Electrode
Deteriorated Tip
Properly Managed Electrode
Properly Managed with ORION Chiller

Stable temperatures on your equipment even during summer heat will improve the electrode tip which will increase its lifespan.
Poor electrode temperature control results in early deterioration and decreases welding quality.
It is always beneficial to secure stable cooling water circulation for proper nugget formation.

Cooling Water Supply for Arc Welding Machine

Also Effective for Torch Cooling

A deteriorated tip results in a wider electrode gap and reduced weld quality.
Setting up a water chiller provides stable water supply and prevents tip deterioration.

Torch Cooling with ORION Water Chiller
Deteriorated Tip
Deteriorated Tip
Properly Managed Tip
Properly Managed with ORION Chiller

Insufficient temperature control results in short-term heat changes in the tip and reduced weld quality.
Stable cooling temperature control even in summer heat offers improved tip lifespan, cuts manpower needed for tip replacement, and contributes to consistent weld quality.

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