A chiller is a device that either cools a heat source or controls temperature through the flow of constant-temperature controlled water.
Chillers are used in many industrial applications such as industrial machinery, medical devices, scientific equipment, and food-related equipment, etc.
In addition to the main chiller unit, ORION chillers include other components such as a water tank, water-supply equipment, and control system, all in a single unitized package, in order to best suit any of our users’ application requirements.
(Unit Coolers without built-in water tanks are also available.)
Our all-in-one chillers offer reduced installation costs and are also space saving. Please see the page, ”What’s a Chiller?” for more information.

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The ORION Series of Chillers is basically divided into 2 main groups: “Chillers With Built-In Water Tanks” and “Chiller Units Without Built-In Water Tanks”.

Customers with facilities that already have a water tank can choose a chiller without a built-in water tank, and those who need to provide a direct supply of chilled water to their equipment can choose a chiller that has the water tank built in.
Air-cooled and water-cooled chillers are also available.
Chillers that remove heat by cooling the condenser through a flow of air are called “air-cooled” chillers, and those which remove heat by cooling the condenser with a flow of water are called “water-cooled” chillers.