Standard Equipment Items

Intelligent Touch Panel

Intelligent Touch Panel Display functionality is included as standard equipment. Standard functionality includes a calendar timer.

Timer Setting Screen Menu Screen Sample EnglishMenu Screen

Liquid Temp Upper/Lower Limit Warning

A warning message can be displayed or an audible alarm sounded when the liquid temperature goes beyond a set upper or lower amount beyond the set temperatur

Expanded Operable Liquid Operating Range

Operation is now possible at temps as low as 0 °C when using antifreeze. * A 30 to 40% ethylene glycol solution.

Note: Please take into consideration that there will be a drop in cooling capacity of 10% if using a 30 to 40% ethylene glycol solution.

Earth Leakage Breaker (ELB)

An earth leakage breaker is included as standard equipment as a preventive measure in order to help ensure safety.

* Please see the "Alarm Processing Chart" below for details.


Casters included as standard equipment on RKE3750B-V(W)-G2 models only. Casters are sold as option equipment for RKE5500B-V(W) and RKE7500B-V(W) models.

Optional Items to be Installed On-Site

Water Filter Equipment

Helps to prevent clogging within the water circuit of chillers and other equipment. Can also be used as a pre-filter for water purification equipment.

Ion Exchange Resin Purifying Equipmentz

[For Circulating Water Setups]

When installed as a bypass circuit within the chilled water circulation circuit, it can prevent rises in electrical conductivity in the circulating water.

Ion Exchange Resin Purifying Equipment

[For Supplied Water Setups and Purification]

Can suppress sharp rises in electrical conductivity of circulating water that occurs when supplying water to the water tank.

Remote Control (Wired)

Remote controls for B type units include the connecting cable. The set model number differs depending on the cable length.
* Please see the "Alarm Processing Chart" below for details.

Snow Protection Hood

The Snow Protection Hood supports outdoor installations in snowy regions.

Wind Shield

The Wind Shield is used for outdoor installations. The hood also helps to prevent dust and dirt from entering the product.

Manufacturer Optional Items


At times when the liquid temperature is rising, the heater should be used if high-precision control is required even when the load is low (and there is not the minimum amount of heat required for inverter control).

Discharge Pump for High Head Applications

High flow rate pump built in. A built-in pump supporting a higher head specification is available.

Leakage Detection Spec.

An alarm will be activated if, for some reason, a water leak occurs.

External Surface Paint Thickness

The thickness of the applied outer surface paint can be changed to suit particular applications or needs.

Cleanroom (Leakage Alarm Spec.)

Modification to add leakage detection so that product can be used with cleanrooms and similar installations.

* Please see the "Alarm Processing Chart" below for details.

Equipment List

Model Name (RKE Series) Column Notation Key

*1 In addition, there are contacts for the temperature warning signal.
*2 There are 2 operating modes -- product operation, and pump-only operation.
*3 Comes as standard equipment on G-2 spec. models only.

Documentation is available for download.

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We also offer a demo unit.

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