AP-750M-E1 / AP-750MV-E1 / AP-750MVK-E1
AP-1500M-E1 / AP-1500MV-E1 / AP-1500MVK-E1

Air Processor
Temperature Setting Range
5 to 70℃
Humidity Setting Range
30 to 90%
  • Localized precision air processing units that can be used to fill each of the needs of various industrial fields.
  • The circulating type air circuit easily enables environments from low to high temperatures.

(Humidity control type)



Compact Design

The environment box (testing chamber) can be easily replaced or moved according to your needs.

Three Functions to Choose From

3 functions of Temperature Control, Humidity Control, and Purification (special order) offer a total response to your local air space needs.

Temperature and Humidity Control Range Chart (AP-750MVK-E1 and AP-1500MVK-E1)

Operating Conditions

Power Source: Three-phase, 200 V, 60 Hz
Ambient Temperature and Humidity: 25 ℃ / 50%
Circuit: Full-Circulation Method


*1 When under temperature and humidity control, refer to the "Temperature and Humidity Control Range Chart" shown above.
*2 During times of no load, no sample, operating at the rated voltage, temperature (humidity) taken from air at the air outlet/inlet ports for a short time.
*3 Maximum air flow, control temp: 25 ℃, ambient temp: 25 ℃. (Will differ while under humidity control.)

* Never operate with explosive or combustible substances, nor with test substances that may contain any such explosive or combustible compounds.
* Install in a location free from the effects of corrosive gases (especially those harmful to copper and stainless steel.)

Documentation is available for download.

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We also offer a demo unit.

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