Primary Application Examples

Fiber Laser

Cooling for diode laser oscillators and optical systems.

Mold Cooling

Speed up curing time of plastic castings by a flow of cooling water in metal molds. When the mold is kept hot by the machine, the temperature of the mold is controlled by supplying chilled water, which is maintained at a certain temperature.

MRI Scanner

Helium compressor cooling and gradient coil cooling.

Milling Equipment

Jacket Cooling

High Frequency Induction Heater

Heating coil cooling and high frequency power supply cooling.

Printing Machine (DI)

Used for UV lamp cooling and ink drying cooling-stage cooling as well as control over ink temperature.

Welding Machine

Electrode and power supply cooling.

Packaging Machine

Cooling after heat sealing.

Concentration Apparatus

A flow of cold water is used to condense components from which solvent was heated and boiled off.

Washing and Cleaning Machines

Evaporation regeneration and recovery applications of various solvents used in hydrocarbon systems and trichloroethylene washing machines.

Laser Processing Machine

Cooling for oscillators and optical system circuits.
(Fiber / CO₂ / YAG)

Tap Water Applications

When using a flow of tap water when a cooling tower facility (ring tower) is not available.

Cooling Tower Applications

While there are cooling towers, the water temperature provided is not stable and a chiller can be used to bring out the most performance.

Many Other Applications Also Exist

・Linear Motor
・Air Spindle
・Vibration Testing Equipment
・Packaging Machine Cooling
・Cooling for Various Testing Apparatus
・Cooling for Various Analysis Equipment
・Magnitizer Cooling
・Mold and Die Temperature Control
・Water Jet
・Engine Testing Equipment
・Electrochemical Deburring Machine
・Veneer Splicer/Welder
・Reflow Oven

・Linear Motor ・Air Spindle ・Vibration Testing Equipment ・Packaging Machine Cooling

RKS J(M) Application Examples

* If you're looking for a water chiller, then check out the RKS-GM Series.


Jacket cooling.


Jacket cooling.

Spot Welder

Power supply and electrode cooling.

Arc Welder

Power supply and electrode cooling.

Vacuum Vapor Deposition Equipment

Chamber cooling.

Packaging Machine

Cooling after heat sealing.

Laboratory Furnace/Kiln

Furnace/kiln cooling.

Pel Thermo Application Examples

・Wafer Resist Liquid Temp Control
・Etching Solution Temp Control
・Optical Disc Coating Temp Control
・Liquid Crystal Glass Coating Temp Control
・Wafer and Glass Substrate Plating Temp Control
* Indirect temp control is required for chemical temp control.

RKS-GM, RKE, RKED, FCC, RKS Unit Cooler RKS, and RKL Unit Cooler Application Examples

・Laser Processing Machine
・Printing Machine
・Cutting Machine
・Welding Machine
・Washing and Cleaning Machines
・Packaging Machine
・Medical Equipment
・Scientific Apparatus
・Machine Tool
・Laser Marker
・Electron Microscope
・MRI Scanner
・Linear Motor
・Agriculture Related Machinery
・X-Ray Equipment
・Concentration Apparatus
・Shrink Fitting Equipment
・Pulverizing Equipment
・Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment
・Semiconductor Equipment
・Analysis Equipment
・High Frequency Equipment
・UV Curing Equipment
・Surface Processing Equipment
・Cleaning Tank
・Reagent Refrigeration Equipment
・Resin casting
・Mold Cooling
・Jacket Cooling
・Vacuum Pump Cooling
・Paint Temp Control
・Chamber Electrode Temp Control
・Tap Water Replacement
・Cooling Tower Replacement
・Gas Cylinder Cabinet

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