Continuous Operating Vacuum
60 kPa or less
(CBXP□B-VB-02B, 03B/VV-02B, 03B)
Continuous Operating Pressure
80 kPa or less
70 kPa or less
(CBXP□B-VB-02B, 03B)
60 kPa or less
(CBXP□A-BB-02B, CBXP□B-BB-02B, 03B)
Flow Rate
1115 to 2200 L/min (60 Hz)
  • Lower operating noise
    Noise levels reduced 3 to 5 dB compared with our earlier models.
  • Improved maintenance characteristics
    A standard sized pump that boasts good performance and improved maintenance characteristics.


CBXP□A-□-02B and CBXP□B-□-02B models are equipped with casters. CBXP□B-□-03 models are equipped with casters and an hour meter.
Designed pumping capacity: Theoretical value calculated from cylinder volume. Refer to "Performance Data" for actual flow rate.
Operable range of vacuum (pressure).
Operating noise measured on a new pump with an ORION recommended motor running at normal vacuum/pressure conditions. Operating noise levels are from a position of 1 m in front of the unit and at a height of 1 m.

Operating environment (inlet air conditions: air temp: 0 to 40℃, humidity: normal levels (65±20%).
Allowable intermittent power supply voltage fluctuation range is +10% of the specified voltage, allowable sustained supply voltage fluctuation range is 5% of the specified voltage.
Please install an overload protection device (such as a thermal relay).
To ensure proper pump ventilation, make sure there is at least 300 mm clearance between the pump and walls, and at least 1,000 mm clearance between the top of the pump and the ceiling.
In order to allow for pump maintenance, maintain an open space at least 500 mm from the front face of the unit.

If detailed specifications are required, please Contact ORION to request a specifications sheet.

External Dimensions(units:mm)

Performance Date


Vacuum (V)
Blower (B)


Vacuum (V) (Pump1)
Vacuum (V) (Pump2)


Blower (B) (Pump1)
Blower (B) (Pump2)

Documentation is available for download.

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