KCS21 / KCS31 / KCS61 / KCS70 / KCS110

KCS70-V-01 / KCS110-V-01 / KCS61A-0123
5 to 10 dB reduction in pump noise
Removable front and back panels for easy pump access and maintenance.
Electric cooling fan for internal temperature control.


Dry pump sold separately.
Silent Box is equipped with internal thermostat relay to be attached to user provided warning system/alarm.
The KHA750 and 750A models fit in the KCS61A-0121 model Silent Box but require an additional connection & fitting parts set (not included.)
Optional caster set available on request for KCS21A, 31A, 61A models.
Please contact us regarding compatible pumps.
Please contact us if different voltages are required.

If detailed specifications are required, please Contact ORION to request a specifications sheet.

Model Number Nomenclature

Model List

Remove the cable gland from the motor before attaching the cabling to the motor.
Requires optional installation kit.
2 Use motor wiring cable set 04037333020 (sold separately) when mounting a 01B series pump in a KCS unit designed for a 01 series pump.
Use motor wiring cable set 04105749010 (sold separately) when mounting a 01A series pump in a KCS unit designed for a 01 series pump.

Please consult your dealer for different power supply voltages.

External Dimensions(units:mm)

Documentation is available for download.

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