KHA100-301 / KHA200-301A
KHA400-301A / KHA750-301B

Ultimate Pressure
8 kPa [abs] or lower
Flow Rate
65 to 400 L/min (60 Hz)
  • Continued operation possible at ultimate pressure (8 kPa or lower).
  • High degree of vacuum, excellent substitune pump for electronic component and small parts handling automated equipment.


Designed Pumping Capacity: Theoretical value based on volume. Refer to performance data for actual flow rate.
Pump can be continuously operated at the maximum attainable vacuum.
Operating noise level measured on a new pump with the standard built-in ORION motor. Operating noise levels are from a position of 1 m in front of the unit and at a height of 1 m.

Working vacuum range: 48 kPa (abs] to ultimate pressure.
Maximum operational pressure variation pulse: 13.3 kPa (abs] /s.
Models with ductable exhaust available (KHA100A. 200A 400A. 750A). When ducting off exhaust, the allowable back pressure from the piping is 25 kPa. (This pressure should not be used for any purpose.)
Operating environment (inlet air conditions: air temp: 0 to 40 °℃, humidity: normal levels (65+20%).
Due to the high compression ratios found in high-compression pumps, condensation can easily form within the pump. Therefore the following measures should be taken in order to avoid trouble from rust due to condensation: During a trial run (operation of 5 minutes or less, such as a momentary operation or short test run) if the operating pressure goes above 48 kPa (abs], then a dry run of 10 to 15 minutes should be made at a pressure of 48 kPa (abs] at the vacuum side of the pump.
Allowable intermittent power supply voltage fluctuation range is +10% of the specified voltage, allowable sustained supply voltage fluctuation range is +5% of the specified voltage.
Please install an overload protection device (such as a thermal relay). Setting guideline (may vary depending on the specific application): For Three-phase motors, use the current rating listed on the motor nameplate as a guide.

If detailed specifications are required, please Contact ORION to request a specifications sheet.

External Dimensions(units:mm)

Performance Date

Documentation is available for download.

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