PAP05A1-K / PAP05A1-FK
PAP10A1-K / PAP10A1-FK

Air Processing Capacity
3 to 20 m3/min
Temperature Control Precision
Temperature Setting Range
18 to 30℃
Humidity Control Precision
Possible Humidity Setting Range
40 to 65%(75)*1


*1 The temperature and humidity control ranges noted do not necessarily indicate the actual possible controllable ranges. The actual controllable temperature and humidity ranges will depend on the temperature and humidity of the intake air.(Vapor humidification is used in the humidity setting range of 65 to 75%.)
*2 When the intake air temperature and humidity are stable. Controller display precision at a single discharge port location.
*3 The external static pressure at the controlled air outlet side when operating at the maximum rated processing air flow.
*4 Height includes discharge port.
*5 The HEPA filter box is shipped separate from the product main unit and must be assembled on site.
*6 The figure noted is when the product is operating at the highest level of humidification.
*7 Supply compressed air that has been cleaned through a filter and/or other by other means of processing. The cleanliness of the compressed air supply should match the air cleanliness standard of the target area to which the controlled air will be supplied.
*8 The maximum allowable source voltage phase imbalance is ±3%.
*9 Maximum value within the range of the product's specifications.
*10 The figure noted is when operating at the highest capacity of the specified operating range.
*11 The noise level may be lowered by installing the Noise Reducing Duct.

Documentation is available for download.

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