Air Processing Capacity
3 to 12m3/min
Temperature Setting Range
18 to 30℃
Humidity Setting Range
20 to 40% * Without humidification functionality
Temperature Control Precision
±0.2℃ / ±2%
  • Instant dehumidification and precision air processing.


Powerful Dehumidification

27 ℃ / 70%intake air can be instantly dehumidified down to 23 ℃ / 28%in one pass with all fresh air!
Using only the refrigeration cycle, achieves top-class-in-the-industry frost limit point of 3.5 ℃!

Powerful Dehumidification
The PAP-D Series: Precision Air Processing AND Dehumidification Combined
The PAP-D Series: Precision Air Processing AND Dehumidification Combined

No Defrost Operation Needed!Up to 65% Energy Saving Operation!

With our original refrigerant control, we can offer continued operation without the need for defrosting operation.
We've also cut wasted electric power by as much as 65% through our built-in compressor speed control operation.


・Pharmaceutical and Supplement Filling Processes
・Rust and Condensation Prevention for Precision Electronic Parts
・One-Pass Dry Booth Powder Mixing, etc.
・Analysis and Measurement in Low Humidity Environments
・Low Humidity Storage of Adsorption Materials and Samples
・Prevention of Moisture Adsorption in Highly Functional Films


*1 The temperature and humidity control ranges noted do not necessarily indicate the actual possible controllable ranges. The actual controllable temperature and humidity ranges will depend on the temperature and humidity of the intake air.(This product does not include a humidification function.)
*2 When the intake air temperature and humidity are stable. Controller display precision at a single discharge port location. Over-dehumidification may occur depending on operating conditions.
*3 The attainable dew point will depend on the condition of the intake air.
*4 Value is the stand-alone capacity of the built in evaporator.
*5 Value indicates the difference in capacity between the built-in heater and evaporator.
*6 The external static pressure at the controlled air outlet side when the blower fan is operating at 60 Hz, and the product is operating at the prescribed air flow.
*7 Height includes the discharge port.
*8 The maximum allowable source voltage phase imbalance is ±3%.
*9 Minimum and maximum values are when operating under the specified operating ranges.
*10 Maximum value when operating under the specified operating ranges.
*11 The maximum current when operating under the specified operating ranges.

Documentation is available for download.

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