RKS250F1-S / RKS400F-S / RKS400F1 /
RKS500F / RKS750F / RKS750F-W / RKS1500F

Cooling Capacity (50/60Hz)
0.59/0.62 to 4.30/4.65 kW
Operable Ambient Temperature Range
5 to 40 ℃
Operating Temperature Range
5 to 25℃
  • *1 Not including RKS750F-W.
  • *2 RKS1500F


Built with a coil style heat exchanger that inhibits clogging and can be disassembled when required.

Chillers that use external water tanks are susceptible to foreign substances entering the system. With Orion's distinctive heat exchange coil system, there is less likelihood of clogging and yet, in the unlikely chance that clogging does occur, the coil can be removed for cleaning.

Connections and controls are focused onto the front panel for improved ease of use.

Our improved layout has operating switches, temperature display, IN/OUT water piping, and drain port, all accessible on the front panel.

We've adopted a low-profile design that makes efficient use of installation spaces.

We've reduced the height to the limit, making it workable in any installation layout.


*1 Cooling capacity will be at least 95% of the displayed power.
*2 When the liquid temperature 20 ℃ and the ambient temperature is 32 ℃.
*3 The fan motor static pressure is 20 Pa.
*4 Operating noise levels are from a position of 1 m in front of the product and at a height of 1 m.
*5 Values of 200 V @ 50 Hz / 200 V @ 60 Hz, 220 V @ 60 Hz.
Note 1: The recommended liquid (chilled water) for use in this product is clean water or a 30% to 40% solution of industrial-use ethylene glycol. However, note that there will be a drop in cooling capacity of 10% if using a 30% to 40% ethylene glycol solution. Alternatively, if conditioned water is used, then it should have an electrical conductivity of at least 1µ /cm.
Note 2: Heat output from the product (in kW) is approx. 1.3 times that of its cooling capacity. (Air-cooled models only.)
Note 3: The RKS750F-W is a built-to-order model.

External Diagram (Units: mm)


Cooling Capacity

Cooling Water Flow Rate
(For the condenser)

Pump Characteristic Curves

Documentation is available for download.

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We also offer a demo unit.

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