KCP150150D-VV-01A / KCP150150D-VV-02A /
KCE190190E-VV-01A / KCE190190E-VV02A /
KCP150150D-VB-01A / KCP150150D-VB-02A /
KCE190190E-VB-01A / KCE190190E-VB-02A

Degree of Vacuum
0 to 94 kPa or higher
0 to 100 kPa or higher
Motor Output
7.4 to 9.2 kW
Flow Rate
0 to 192 m3/h


This is the designed flow rate based on the cylinder volume of the pump. Confirm the actual flow rate based on the pressure-flow diagram.

Under ambient pressure of 1 atm. When operating at high elevations, there will be a difference in operating pressure from operation at a location under 1 atm of pressure. The calculation to measure the ultimate vacuum while operating at other elevations is as follows: Ultimate Vacuum Under Pressure (simplified) [kPa] = Specified Ultimate Degree of Vacuum [kPa] - Altitude [m] < 0.0115 [kPa/m ]

Upper limit of continuous operable exhaust pressure. Do not operate the pump above this limit. Doing so can reduce the lifespan of the pump and may result in breakdown or an accident.

The specification includes casters and the mass including the casters will be the noted mass plus an additional 5 kg.

The power supply voltage must not have intermittent fluctuations greater than 10%, or 5% if fluctuations are continuous.

If the pump is started where the ambient temperature is around 0 ℃, a high frequency noise may be heard. The noise will naturally go away in a short time and does not indicate abnormal operation. If a high pitch noise continues for more than 30 minutes, consult with your dealer or a qualified repair person.

Please consult with ORION if the product is to be operated at an elevation above 1000 m.

External Dimensiond (units:mm)

Performance Date

Do not operate at the conditions indicated by the dashed pressure and flow rate lines.

Operating condition: 20℃.

Typical value for standard built-in motor and not a guaranteed value.

Documentation is available for download.

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