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RCC750B1 RCC2200A
Cooling Capacity (50/60Hz)
2.5 to 7.2 kW
Operable Ambient Temperature Range
10 to 40 ℃
Operable Liquid Temperature Range
15 to 40 ℃
Temperature Control Precision
  • Increase processing precision by keeping the liquid coolant temperature within ±0.5 ℃ of the set temperature.
  • DC motor with energy-saving inverter controlled operation cuts liquid coolant evaporation losses in half.
  • Improves the production environment by inhibiting bacteria propagation and reducing decomposition and odors.


What is a Coolant Chiller?

Temperature regulation equipment for water-soluble coolants (cutting and grinding fluids) used in machine tools such as machine centers (MC), NC lathes, and NC grinding machines that are used to machine metals, plastics, ceramics, and other materials.

Circulating type allows for easy setup even with shallow tanks.

Can be used with shallow tanks. Easy to add on to existing installations. Previous immersion type units required deep tanks. Our piping option allows for even easier installation.

Piping Option
Example Set-Up Using the Piping Option

Energy Saving from DC Inverter Control

Control is simple with ORION's special digital electronic temperature controller. Temperature settings, measured temperature, and error codes are shown on the digital display.In the off chance that trouble occurs, the displayed error code informs you of the operating state at a glance. DC inverter control offers wide ranging energy savings compared with older models that use HB (hot gas bypass) or ON-OFF control. In addition, the indicator display gives an intuitive and easy to see indication of the operating rate (load factor).

Comparison of Energy Savings by Control Method
Easy Temperature Setting with ▼▲ Keys

Differential temperature control operation functionality is built in.Easy switching is possible by installing the optional machine temperature sensor, and changing parameter settings.
Includes remote operation terminals and also combined alarm output terminals.Easy to operate along with your machine tool.

Digital Electronic Temperature Controller

Built for Easy Evaporator Disassembly and Cleaning

Easy to disassemble. Cleaning of the evaporator is made easier using the special cleaning cylinder. The piping system has a cleaning port to allow for simple backwashing. The control panel shows when the evaporator is dirty. "C45" on the display means you it's time to clean.

Cleaning is simple using the cleaning cylinder and a high pressure cleaner.

Operating Effectiveness

❶Coolant evaporation loss is cut in half, effectively saving manpower to replenish liquid.
❷Effectively saves manpower that would be used in correction processing.
❸Reduces coolant degradation and odor for longer liquid replacement cycles and lower coolant expenditures.

* According to our company calculations of reductions in coolant-related expenses associated with machining.

System Example

Easy Set Up Next to the Machine Tool Tank

Example of upgrading the built-in chiller in a CNC lathe.
Example of installation on a new CNC lathe.
Example of installation on a CNC lathe using our Piping Option.


*1 Liquid temperature: 20 ℃; ambient temperature: 32 ℃, circulating load: 32 L/min for the 750 model, 35 L/min for the 1500 model, and 60 L/min for the 2200 model. Cooling capacity is –5% of the noted value or better. (Cooling liquid: Syntilo 77EF, 5% concentration)
*2 When the load and ambient temperature are stable. However note that the following cases are excluded:
  ・For approx. 4 min after the compressor has started.
 ・When the compressor is cycling on and off due to small compressor loads.
 ・When the set liquid temperature is 31 to 40℃.
*3 Changeover between fixed and differential temperature control is possible. (See the possible liquid temperature setting range.) Differential control requires the optional machine temperature sensor.
*4 Source voltage phase unbalance should be less than ±3%.
*5 The figure noted is when operating at the highest capacity of its specified operating range.
*6 Priming liquid must be supplied to the liquid inlet piping in order to operate the circulation pump.
*7 The operable set fluid temperature range when using the electric heater is 25 ℃ or lower. The noted heater capacity is when operating at 200 V.

External Dimensions (Units:mm)

When Using this Product:

Please clean the coolant with a drum filter, magnetic separator, cyclone filter, paper filter, or other filtration method before use. Doing so will have the effect of improving rough edges of machining surfaces, preventing the tank and chiller from becoming dirty, preventing degradation of cooling capacity, and improving the lifespan of the circulation pump.

Documentation is available for download.

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We also offer a demo unit.

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