Heavy Duty DC Inverter Chiller RKE-B (74.4 to 96.0 kW)
Cooling Capacity (50/60Hz)
74.4 to 96.0 kW
Operable Ambient Temperature Range
-20 to 45 ℃
Operable Liquid Temperature Range
3 to 35 °C
Temperature Control Precision
  • TESC Built-In!
    Three Eco Speed Control offers highest level of eco-operation that meet your needs.
  • Compressor Speed Control
    DC Inverter Drive with Automatic Optimized Operation Judgment
  • Fan Speed Control
    Automatic Optimized Operation Judgment from the Inverter
  • Pump Speed Control
    Operates at the minimum speed needed to achieve the required flow rate, and reduces wasted water flow.


Units can be Linked for Max. 384 kW

Units can be Linked for Max. 384 kW

Units can be linked together for heavy-load cooling facilities. Up to 4 units can be linked together so you can choose a capacity level to meet your demands.

Units can be Linked for Max. 384 kW

Energy Saving

Energy Saving

Reduced Energy Consumption Thanks to our DC inverter Drive Compressor

Low Operating Noise

Low Operating Noise

Operating noise of just 65 dB with our low-noise fan and compressor-noise-prevention cover.

Pump is also Inverter Driven

In addition to the compress or and fan, the pump is also inverter driven.
In addition to the compress or and fan, the pump is also inverter driven.

Being able to achieve just the required flow rate eliminates waste, even without bypass-valve control.

The pump control method can be selected.
The pump control method can be selected.

In addition to setting the operating frequency, setting the flow rate or the water pressure based on an estimated flow rate standard is also possible. Operation possible at the optimum flow rate or pressure in accordance with the load.

Intelligent Touch Panel

Settings and operating conditions can be visually and intuitively checked and operated via the touch panel controller.
The displayed language can be changed to English or Chinese.

Intelligent Touch Panel

❶Graph Screen
❷Operating Rate (Power Indicator)
❸Measured Pressure
❺Timer Setting
❻Easy Maintenance and Alarm Display

Graph Screen
Graph Screen

Touching the "Measured Liquid Temp" button will change the display to the Graph screen where changes in liquid temperature will be graphed over a particular time period (up to 53 hours) in order to better aid in liquid temperature management.

Operating Rate (Power Indicator)
Operating Rate (Power Indicator)

The compressor operating state is indicated on a 10 level bar graph which shows the level of energy saving at a glance. Touching the "Operating Rate" button brings up the Monitor screen where operating conditions can be easily checked.

Measured Pressure

Touching "Measured Pressure" brings up a screen where the flow rate setting can easily be changed.


Touching "Menu" allows easy setting and confirmation of various parameters, error history, accumulated running time of primary components, timer functions, etc.

Timer Setting

Touch the "0:00:00" start time allows setting of designated start/stop settings. Actions can be repeated or set according to the day.

Easy Maintenance and Alarm Display

Alarm numbers are displayed when alarm conditions occur.
Touching the "Details" button will bring up further details about the alarm and information on what measures to take.

Easy Maintenance / Alarm Display
Easy Maintenance / Alarm Display
The display language can be changed.
Intelligent Touch Panel
Chinese (中文)

Operation and Monitoring Via PC or Sequencer Possible

Operation and Monitoring Via PC or Sequencer Possible

Communications functions can be utilized through a control program to match your specific application.

Detailed display functions enable quick recovery!

・Inspection Warnings Liquid
・Temperature Warnings
・Water Pressure
・Refrigeration Circuit
・Inverter, Etc.

Communications Method

USB: 1 Unit, RS-422A: 32 Units, RS-485: 32 Units

Items that can be controlled via PC:

・Starting and stopping of individual chiller units.
・Individual operation of chiller discharge pumps.
・Liquid temperature control of individual chillers.


*1 When operating with cooling water temp: 20 °C; ambient temp: 32 °C. Cooling capacity will be at least 95% of the displayed power.
*2 Only during startup, and will differ depending on the ambient temperature.
*3 Continuous current load fluctuation within ±10%, and with stable ambient temperature and power supply, etc. Does not include starting times or when the compressor may cycle on and off due to very low cooling loads.
*4 The source voltage phase unbalance should be within ±3%.
*5 The figure noted is when the product is operating at the highest capacity within its normal operating range.
*6 Comes standard with a built-in multi-purpose overload and short circuit protection earth leakage breaker.
*7 Operating noise levels are from a position of 1 m in front of the product and at a height of 1 m.
*8 If operating with a set temperature down to 0 to 3 °C, then use a 30% to 40% solution of industrial-use ethylene glycol.
Note 1: The recommended liquid (chilled water) for use in this product is clean water or a 30% to 40% solution of industrial-use ethylene glycol. However, when doing so, there will be a 10% drop in cooling capacity. Alternatively, if conditioned water is used, then it should have an electrical conductivity of at least 1 µS/cm.
Note 2: Heat output from the product (in kW) is approx. 1.3 times that of the cooling capacity.


Cooling Capacity Curve RKE22000B-V
Cooling Capacity Curve
Cooling Capacity Curve RKE30000B-V
Cooling Capacity Curve

Documentation is available for download.

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We also offer a demo unit.

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