Cooling Capacity (50/60Hz)
Operable Ambient Temperature Range
5 to 40 ℃
Operable Liquid Temperature Range
5 to 35 ℃
Temperature Control Precision
  • Electronic expansion valve control gives temperature precision to ±0.1 ℃.
  • High head pump (30 m* or higher) STANDARD!
    *20 m on RKS750G, 50 Hz models.
  • Compact




Easy Operation

Digital Display (Measured Water Temperature and Error Display)
Digital Display (Measured Water Temperature and Error Display)

The chiller can easily be started by simply pressing the RUN button. With the breaker right in front, it's easy to switch on and off the power source. Alarms can be canceled by pressing the ALARM RESET button.

Error codes of alarms that have occurred can be displayed for easy, no-worry diagnosis. Also, information on the last 6 alarms is recorded for easier troubleshooting.

Independent operation of the discharge pump is possible so that, if by some reason the compressor shuts down, water circulation can continue.

Choice of Local and Remote operation can be set.


Sheet Metal Construction of External Surfaces

Sheet metal constructed exterior that can withstand the long life of this chiller.

Frame Construction

A sturdy construction that gets its rigidity from its frame design.

High Capacity Water Tank

The 10 L high-capacity water tank is designed to deal with fluid temperature fluctuations better.

Operate and Check Operating Details via PC

Operate and Check Operating Details via PC
Communications Method

USB: 1 Unit, RS-422A: 32 Units

Items that can be controlled via PC:

・Starting and stopping of individual chiller units.
・Individual operation of chiller discharge pumps.
・Liquid temperature control of individual chillers.


*1 Operation under the following conditions: Chilled water temp.: 20 ℃, ambient temp.: 25 ℃, discharge pump operating at maximum flow rate. Cooling capacity is at least 95% of the noted value.
*2 The source voltage phase unbalance should be within ±3%.
*3 The figure noted is when the product is operating at its maximum rated capacity.
*4 When the current load is continuously within ±10%, and the ambient temperature is stable. Not valid during during restart.
*5 Maximum heating power when: Chilled water temperature: 20 ℃, ambient temperature: 25 ℃, discharge pump and head at maximum capacity. Power will change depending on operating conditions.
*6 Operating noise levels are from a position of 1 m in front of the product and at a height of 1 m.
Note 1: Liquid (chilled water) that can be used are either clean water and a 30 to 40% ethylene glycol solution. Note that there will be a drop in cooling capacity of 10% if using a 30 to 40% ethylene glycol solution. Alternatively, if deionized water is to be used, it should have an electrical conductivity of at least 1 μS/cm.
Note 2: Heat output from the unit is approx. 1.3 times that of the cooling capacity.

External Diagram


Cooling Capacity Curve
Cooling Capacity Curve
Discharge Pump Characteristic Curves
Discharge Pump Characteristic Curves
Cooling Water Flow Rate (For condenser)
Cooling Water Flow Rate (For condenser)

Documentation is available for download.

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We also offer a demo unit.

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