ORION RKS-JM Series is the best cooling solution for high-frequency induction heating equipment!

Why is Water Cooling Needed for Induction Heating?

- Control of Cooling Water Temperature Realizes Stable Production Quality.
- Circulation Cooling for Consistent Water Quality, which Prevents Fouling and Scorching of the Heating Coil.

*High-frequency induction heating equipment uses inductive heating principles for the processing and dissolution of metal surfaces.

Where You Can Find

- Metal Part Production Plants for Automotive Applications
- Metal Heat-Processing Plants

What Chillers Cool in the Equipment

Heating.Oscillator.Cooling Water

- Power Supplies
(High-frequency inverters and high-frequency oscillators)
- Heating Coils

Features of ORION Water Chillers

Can Withstand Summer Temp. Up to 45 ℃.

High Ambient Temp Compatibility
A cooling capacity that won't bend to harsh environments.

Compact and Robust Body

The chillers are durable and reliable. They are designed to withstand environmental concerns.

High Head Pump Standard

Standard built-in high-head water pump (30 m or better) enables reliable water circulation even for narrow cooling water circuits.

High Capacity Water Tank

Thanks to a built-in high capacity water tank, water supply temperatures are stable.

How to Choose the Right Chiller Capacity

The required cooling capacity is approx. half that of the high-frequency output, with temperature settings of 20 to 25 ℃ where no condensation is built up.
Water flow requirement may be approx. 10 L/min with approx. head of 30 m for compact devices with a high-frequency output in the range of 10 kW or lower.

ORION RKS-JM Series Chillers

Mid-Grade, Compact Chillers with Water Tank

Mid-Grade, Compact Chillers with Water Tank

Cooling Capacity: 1.5 ~ 5.3 kW
Operable Ambient Temp.: 5 ~ 45 ℃
Working Liquid Temp.: 5 ~ 40 ℃
Temp. Control Precision: +/- 0.1 ℃

Many Optional Accessories Available (Sold Separately)

Many Optional Accessories Available

ORION RKE-B Series also Available for High-Output, High-Frequency Induction Heating Systems

ORION RKE-B Series also Available for High-Output, High-Frequency Induction Heating Systems

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