The Benefits of Circulation Type Water Chillers


・No more wasted tap water or ground water
・Improves the performance of your cooling towers during high temperature months
・Stable cooling temperature will help to ensure the quality and remain dependable and consistent

Circulation cooling improves production quality, reduces running costs and solves the problem of insufficient cooling in summer months.

Industry Examples

・Food Industry
・Chemical: Caulking Material, Resin, Powder Production Solvent, Reactors
・Ceramics for Electronics

Application Examples

Device Jacket Temperature Control and Material Quality Management
・Mixing Machine
・Kneading Machine
・Vacuum Emulsification
・Material Storage

How to Size the Right Chiller

Required Cooling Capacity Calculation

Q = (W x C x (t2 - t1)) / (H x 860) x 1.2

Q: Heat Load (kW), W: Cooling Liquid Mass (kg), C: Specific Heat (Use 1 for water.)
t2: Initial Item Temp. (℃), t1: Desired Item Temp. (℃), H: Required Cooling Time (hour)
Safety Margin: 20%
*The supply water temperature will depend on the jacket construction and other conditions.

Key Features on the ORION Water Chillers

Precision and Quality

The RKS-JM series of Orion comes fully equipped to maintain precise temperature control within .1 degree. Quality, Reliability and Consistency are the foundations of our products. Our products will maintain your uptime, while keeping your costs as low as possible.

Can Withstand Summer Temp. Up to 45 ℃.

High Ambient Temp Compatibility
A cooling capacity that won't bend to harsh environments.

Compact and Robust Body

The chillers are durable and reliable. They are designed to withstand environmental concerns.

High Head Pump Standard

Standard built-in high-head water pump (30 m or better) enables reliable water circulation even for narrow cooling water circuits.

High Capacity Water Tank

Thanks to a built-in high capacity water tank, water supply temperatures are stable.

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