ORION RKS-JM Series Water Chiller is the cooling solution for compact injection molding machines.

Why is Water Cooling Needed for Injection Moding?

Controlled mold cooling with a water chiller stabilizes and improves plastic molding quality.
Mold cooling with chilled water is essential for shorter production cycle times.

Application Examples

・Mold Cooling
・Overheat prevention when mold temperature is heated.
・Hopper Cooling
・Fluid Cooling for LIM (Liquid Injection Molding)

How to Choose the Right Chiller Capacity

Orions chillers

The above table shows examples of chiller model selection only.
Cooling capacity (kW) can be calculated by the follwoing formula.

Q = W x J x (C x (T-T' + L x B)) x 1.2

W: Weight, J: Shot Cycle Rate (shots/h), C: Specific Heat (kcal/kg℃), T: Resin Temperature, T': Ejection Temperature
L: Latent Heat, B: Crystalization Rate, Safety Margin: 20%

Features of ORION Water Chillers

Can Withstand Summer Temp. Up to 45 ℃.

High Ambient Temp Compatibility
A cooling capacity that won't bend to harsh environments.

Compact and Robust Body

The chillers are durable and reliable. They are designed to withstand environmental concerns.

High Head Pump Standard

Standard built-in high-head water pump (30 m or better) enables reliable water circulation even for narrow cooling water circuits.

High Capacity Water Tank

Thanks to a built-in high capacity water tank, water supply temperatures are stable.

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